Feather Flags

High Quality Feather Flags with different sizes and poles, bases for option. Contact us for more details.
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Concave Flags double sides printing
feather flag, feather flags, custom flags, advertising flags for your brand and promotion
Feather flag, beach flag, feather flags double sides, reverse side print
Feather flag, beach flag, feather flags double sides, reverse side print, same printing, double sides feather flags, double sided advertising flags
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Feather Flags Description

1) Material: Polyester 90g, 100D, 110G, etc or mesh fabric

2) Size: as below or customized size

Flag Size(cm) as 200x60CM with 280CM height pole

240x60CM with 340CM height pole

290x70CM with 400CM height pole

325x70CM with 460CM height pole

360x75CM with 500CM height pole

410x75CM with 560CM height pole

3), Printing: silk printing, digital printing, dye sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, etc

4), Single side or double sides printing optional

5), High reosolution printing with high definition, RAL and Pantone color card check the color.ChatGPT

Feather Flag: Unleash Your Business Potential

Bring your brand to life with our high-quality Feather Flags! Crafted from a selection of premium materials such as polyester (90g, 100D, 110G) and mesh fabric, these flags offer durability, vibrancy, and standout visibility.

Whether you’re looking for a small flag or a large banner, we have the perfect size for you. With options ranging from a compact 200x60CM flag on a 280CM height pole to a robust 410x75CM banner soaring high on a 560CM pole, our feather flags are designed to make an impression at any distance.

Printing options? We have plenty. Whether you prefer silk printing, digital printing, dye sublimation printing, or heat transfer printing, we can cater to your specific needs. Single side or double-sided printing options are available to maximize your message’s reach and impact.

High resolution and high-definition printing are standard with our feather flags, ensuring every detail stands out perfectly. With the ability to match your flag’s color to RAL and Pantone color cards, we ensure your brand’s colors are represented accurately and vibrantly.

Grab a Feather Flag today and let your business take flight!

Remember to include any additional information you want the customer to know in your final version. For example, how to order, the lead time for orders, any warranties or guarantees, pricing, shipping information, or any other details that might be important to your customers.

Set-Up Made Simple

You don’t need a degree in engineering to install our feather flags. Each flag comes with a detailed, step-by-step guide that makes assembly a breeze. Within minutes, you can have your flag flying high, ready to capture attention and generate buzz for your business.

Customize and Shine

Make your flag uniquely yours! We offer customization options that let you choose every aspect of your flag’s design. From the logo to the color scheme, you can have your brand ethos reflecting in every ripple of the flag. Whether it’s a corporate event or a beachside festival, your customized feather flag is guaranteed to turn heads and keep your brand on top of people’s minds.

Quality that Lasts

Our commitment to quality is unrivaled. Every feather flag we produce undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our high standards. The result is a product that can withstand the elements, providing you with a long-lasting, reliable branding tool that keeps on giving.

Poles Options:

1)Aluminium +fiberglass pole on top

2) 100% Aluminium pole

3) 100% Fiberglass pole

Base Options:

A, Cross Base

B, Heavy Cross Base

C, Metal Plate Base

D, Spike

E, Car Base

F, Water Tank Base

Other flag kit combo Accessories:

A, Waterbag

B, Portable Oxford packing bag,


Capture the Wind, Capture Attention

The unique shape of our Feather Flags allows them to flutter and ripple beautifully in the wind, creating a dynamic, eye-catching spectacle. This movement not only adds visual interest but also helps your flag stand out in crowded event spaces or busy outdoor areas.

Your Success, Our Passion

At the heart of our business is a passion for helping our customers succeed. Our Feather Flags are more than just marketing tools – they are symbols of your business’s identity, ambition, and commitment to quality. Choose our Feather Flags, and let your business make its mark in the world.

Order Process:

1, Choose the Flag Shape design: Feather Flag or Teardrop flag or rectangle flag.

2, Choose the size or customized your own size.

3, Choose the right material pole: Aluminium + fiberglass top pole, 100% aluminium pole, 100% fiberglass pole.

4, Quote

5, Sample for testing the quality.

6, Mass order order confirmation by deposit.

7, Mass order production upon deposit received.

8, Mass order production ready for shipment.

9, Loading container or shipping by express.

10, Send Balance for the payment.


With Pantone card & RAL color card for color approval.

Advertising beach flags Application:

A, Brand Advertising & promotion:

B, Events

C, Retail shops

D, Food Stores

E, Beach Flag & Advertising Tent Combo

F, Shops openings

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Feather Flag Fast Notes:

1, Material otpional

2, Size optional

3, Designs otpional

4, Pole material optonal

5, Pole Size optional according to your need

6, Flag 1year warranty

7, Aluminium pole 1year warranty

8, 100% Fiberglass pole 2years’ warranty

9, Can be customized design, customized size

10, Fast Delivery

11, High resolution printing

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