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Cross Base in Silver Color

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Cross Base in Black Color

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Cross Base with Water Bag

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Cross Base with beach flags and poles

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Feather flag cross base plate, Cross base pole for feather flags,
cross base high resolution picture, cross base for beach flags feather flags details
Feather flag cross base plate, Cross base pole for feather flags,

Cross Base for Feather Flags – Secure, Reliable, and Versatile

Ensure Your Feather Flags Stand Tall with Our Cross Base

Keep your feather flags steady and secure with our Cross Base. Designed specifically to hold feather flags, this base ensures your flags remain upright, stable, and visible, even in windy conditions.

Cross Base size:

Open length: 80cm,

Material: Painted metal

Colors: Silver / Black or any other colors required.

Weight: 1.45KG / 1.25KG or customized weight

Full size: 80x3x12cm when open, can be customized size with quantity.

Bearing: can be normal beary or 360degree swivel bearing.

Diameter size: 16.7MM bearing diameter size, or customized bearing diameter to meet the poles and flags.

Bearing: can be normal bearing or 360 degree swivel turn around bearing.

Sturdy Construction

Our cross base is made from heavy-duty metal that guarantees durability and stability. Its robust design ensures your feather flags remain firmly grounded while also maintaining the flexibility to sway with the wind.

Versatile and Portable

Despite its strength, our cross base is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for events, trade shows, or outdoor advertising. It is designed to be compatible with various pole sizes and flag types, offering you flexibility in your flag display.

Easy to Install

Setting up your feather flags should be hassle-free, and our cross base ensures just that. With its user-friendly design, you can easily attach your feather flags and have them displayed in no time.

Economic Cost

Cross base with painted metal, economic cost and price, not expensive, can afford it for brand marketing, promotion or activity, and also, as it close will be small space, also save space in packing and shipping, will save lots of packing space and shipping cost, which makes the cost lower down and bring more profit margin, not heavy, portable to everywhere to use.

Light & Easily Portable

Light design, easy to be carried everywhere, portable to be used in any places. Portable. Can be packed 10pcs in carton box or with beach flag, pole and cross base together in a portable oxford bag for a beach flag kit combo in one set.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

Whether you’re setting up on concrete, grass, or sand, our cross base provides reliable stability. Its four-legged design evenly distributes weight, offering consistent support on various surfaces.

Why Choose Our Cross Base for Feather Flags?

Our commitment to delivering high-quality, practical products is evident in our cross base. Designed for durability, convenience, and versatility, it’s the ideal choice for ensuring your feather flags stand tall and proud.

Invest in stability and ease of use with our Cross Base for Feather Flags. Contact us today to place your order or to inquire about our product range.

For any additional questions or assistance, our customer service team is always ready to help. We’re here to ensure you find the perfect base for your flag display.

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