Heavy Cross Bases

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Heavy Cross Base

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Heavy Cross Base with feather flags and pole

heavy cross base details Black color
heavy cross base details
heavy cross base details
heavy cross base details silver color

Heavy Cross Base for Feather Flags – The Perfect Blend of Strength and Stability

Keep Your Feather Flags Standing Strong with Our Heavy Cross Base

Ensure your feather flags remain standing in even the most challenging conditions with our Heavy Cross Base. Specifically designed for optimal stability, this base guarantees your flags stay upright and in place, even during strong winds or in high-traffic areas.

Material: Spraying Iron

Color: Black / Silver optional

Open size: 60cm 60x5x16cm / 60x5x12cm / 72X5X15cm or any other customized sizes

Bearing diameter: 14.5MM-16.7MM or customized diameter to meet customers’ requirement.

Weight & Sizes:

2.65KG 60x5x16cm

2.2KG 60x5x12cm

2.8KG 72X5X15cm

Very High quality stand finish, perfect impression with beach flags and poles in one kit. Can be portable everywhere.

Robust and Durable Construction

Our heavy cross base is constructed from high-grade, industrial-strength metal that promises exceptional durability. Its substantial weight and robust design make it the perfect choice for securing your feather flags in a variety of environments.

Optimal Stability

The weight and design of our heavy cross base provide unparalleled stability. Its four-legged design ensures your feather flags remain steady, allowing them to wave elegantly without tipping over, regardless of the weather or location.

Versatile and Convenient

Despite its weight, our heavy cross base is designed with convenience in mind. It’s compatible with various flag types and pole sizes, and its practical design allows for easy setup and disassembly.

Save Space Packing

When open is large size, when closed is very small size, easy for packing, save space and shipping cost, bring down the shipping cost and gain more profit, brings more attraction from audiences and get more leads and sales for brand message display on beach flags, feather flags, teardrop flags and other designs outdoor businss advertising flags.

Ideal for Various Surfaces

Our heavy cross base is versatile and adaptable, offering consistent support on a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re setting up on concrete, gravel, or grass, you can rely on this base to keep your flags secure.

Why Choose Our Heavy Cross Base for Feather Flags?

We’re committed to providing products that enhance your flag display experience. Our heavy cross base offers an easy and effective solution to keeping your flags stable and secure, ensuring your display stays intact and your flags remain undamaged.

Secure your feather flags with the strength and stability of our Heavy Cross Base. Contact us today to place your order or to inquire about our product range.

For any additional questions or assistance, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to help. We’re here to ensure you find the best products to meet your flag display needs.

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