Metal Plate Bases

Metal Plate Base, Beach Flag High Quality Metal Plate bases
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Metal Plate Bases with Swivel bearing

Metal plate base with silver color, beach flag metal plate base
Beach Flag Base, Square base for beach flags, metal plate base for feather flags

Metal Plate Bases Silver / Black optional

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Metal Plate Application with teardrop flags

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Metal Plate Base application with feather flags

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Support plate,
Steel baseplate black with bearing,
small metal plate base with different angles: 90degree, 180degree and 45degree, can be large metal base bearing
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Steel frame base with pads,

Metal Plate Base for Feather Flags – The Epitome of Stability and Strength

Keep Your Feather Flags Stable and Steady with Our Metal Plate Base

For an unwavering display of your feather flags, choose our Metal Plate Base. Designed to hold feather flags securely, this base assures that your flags stand strong and remain visible in various conditions.

Beach Flag Base, Square base for beach flags, metal plate base for feather flags

Material: Iron / Metal

Colors: Black / White / Silver

Weight: 3KG / 4.3KG / 6.3KG / 12KG Can be customized weight

Size: 30x30x0.4cm / 30x30x0.5cm / 39x39x0.5cm / 50x50x0.8cm can be customized size

Surface with Finish: Electrostatic spraying

Bearing diameter: 14.5MM-16.7MM or customized size, according to customers’ requirements. Bearing can be 90 degree or 45degree optionals.

Beach Flag Base, Square base for beach flags, metal plate base for feather flags
Metal plate base, square plate base with normal bearing
90 degree sweivel turning bearing for metal plate base for beach flags
45degree bearing base

Solid and Durable Construction

Crafted from premium-grade metal, our plate base offers superb durability and stability. It’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist wear and tear, ensuring your feather flags stay grounded securely over time.

Superior Stability

The flat design of our metal plate base provides exceptional stability for your feather flags. Its substantial weight ensures your flags remain steady, allowing them to flutter freely without the risk of toppling over.

Easy to Install

Ease of use is a priority in our design. Our metal plate base allows for simple and quick installation of your feather flags. Just slide your flag pole into the base holder, and your flag is ready to fly.

Can be KD Packing Optional

Can be sole packing or plate 5pcs packed in a carton box, bearing packed in a carton box to save space & shipping cost.

Ideal for Various Surfaces

Whether you’re setting up on pavement, concrete, or indoor floors, our metal plate base provides a stable foundation for your flags. Its flat design ensures a consistent display on various surfaces.

Why Choose Our Metal Plate Base for Feather Flags?

Our dedication to providing high-quality, practical products is clear in our metal plate base. With superior strength and stability, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable base for their feather flags.

Secure your feather flags with our robust and reliable Metal Plate Base. Contact us today to place your order or to inquire about our range of products.

For any further questions or assistance, our customer service team is here to help. We’re committed to ensuring you have the best products to suit your flag display needs.

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